My personal writing tips

1. Decide on the Topic: What do you want to write about? Is your plan to write a novel, a short story, an article, or a blog? This will determine the length of your project and if it needs to be broken down into chapters or sections. It is always a good idea to write about something you know or are passionate about. If it is interesting to you, it probably will be interesting to others.


2. Make a List: Jot down all the ideas you want to explore. For each item, you can develop a paragraph or more explaining that idea.

3. Don’t be Wordy: Vary the length of your sentences and how each sentence begins. Avoid run-on sentences and using unnecessary adverbs and adjectives. Use strong verbs. Avoid using very, really, well, so. Don’t repeat yourself just to add more words. Try to make your subject interesting. Add a bit of humor, if appropriate.

4. Time and Place: Set a time of day to do your writing. Set a goal of X number of words to write each day. Choose a place that you find comfortable for you to write every day. Don’t allow distractions and interruptions. Some people like to have quiet while others enjoy background music. Some days you will have inspiration and write for a long time and easily. But there will be days when you may write almost nothing. On those days, reread your previous work and think about how to improve it. Let your mind wander and explore your thoughts. An inspiration may just come to you out of the blue.

5. Enjoy Writing: The worst thing you can do is to attack your writing with dread. You have to look forward to your time to sit down and write even if the subject you are writing about is sad or gloomy, wanting to write about it has to fill you will enthusiasm.