How to avoid a gambling problem

It all started out innocently enough with an introductory bonus offer a free spins. The game was colourful and fun – and more importantly offered a real sense of escapism from day-to-day life. When the free spins ran out I wanted to keep the little buzz of playing. It was a nice pick-me-up during the … [Read more…]

How Can You Tell A Rigged Casino?

Gambling – A Positive Attitude In the UK, there’s a really positive attitude to gambling. Playing bingo was many a British housewife’s escape route from household drudgery. It brought some excitement into life and the chance to meet up with friends. This is totally different from attitudes in the United States, where ‘gambling’ of any … [Read more…]

Getting my Master’s degree

History and Ranking The University of Edinburgh established in 1583, is ranked 23rd, in the top 50 list of World Universities for 2018. The University has nearly 40,000 students studying over 150 disciplines and attracts the brightest minds across the globe. J.R Rowling the author of Harry Potter is one of the luminary Alumni. What … [Read more…]

My love to writing

I Write, Hence Exist. The pen truly is mightier than a sword (or AK-47) Throughout our existence we’ve always yearned for ways to express ourselves and speak to the outside world of what we feel and think. At times it doesn’t even matter whether someone responds to the echo we transmit through writings, poems, stories … [Read more…]

Movie night with my family

The thought of warm evenings indoors was never part of the perfect evening situation model in my mind, but after the long an extensive week I had, the thought of dressing up in my favorite sweat pants that are obviously at least two sizes too big for me and throwing on my old high school … [Read more…]

Weekend in London

A weekend getaway with a couple of friends is the perfect remedy at the end of a stressful week. Its plethora of bars and pubs, some secret others not so much, add to the charm of this otherwise bustling city. For a fun night out why not head to some of the pubs be they … [Read more…]

Shopping time!

Where there are girls you will find shopping. Its not just about buying things though, shopping is a way for us girls to simply get together and hang out. We all like a bit of validation in our purchases too so most girls will go with their closest gang of friends to ensure that what … [Read more…]

What to visit in the UK?

The United Kingdom, made up of four countries, is filled with an inordinate amount of things to see. Steeped in history covering thousands of years and many different cultures, it is almost impossible to choose. However some of the most iconic of attractions are those that have been around for hundreds of years and some, … [Read more…]

My first poem

(In)glorious Poetry. What would Poe do? He’d say you’re as good as your last written phrase! My palms were sweaty, throat was swelling and all of a sudden my mind despite of vainglorious confidence became mightily petty. Solemn uncertainty and self-inflicted suspicion of my ability to start and finish what I set out to do … [Read more…]

My personal writing tips

1. Decide on the Topic: What do you want to write about? Is your plan to write a novel, a short story, an article, or a blog? This will determine the length of your project and if it needs to be broken down into chapters or sections. It is always a good idea to write … [Read more…]