Movie night with my family

The thought of warm evenings indoors was never part of the perfect evening situation model in my mind, but after the long an extensive week I had, the thought of dressing up in my favorite sweat pants that are obviously at least two sizes too big for me and throwing on my old high school hoodie that surprises me every time I put it on, simply because after all these years it still seems to fit me perfectly.

Picking a dress code

This was fairly simple because comfort is the only important details and as my older sister, cousin Denice my best friend David rang the doorbell it was the clear that they caught the memo as they had matched by simple and ”comfort is key” take on the fashion for the evening.  


What time to start

We had decided on starting our movie evening early simply because we wanted to get through each film we had all selected and have some time for short refreshments and bathroom breaks which seemed as an important matter to consider when planning on baking on the couch for several hours.

What to watch

Choosing what films to watch was the hardest thing to decide on with having to sift through films that none of us had seen or deciding which ones were worth watching again. In the end we had decided on each of us having a pick of a specific genre. I was given the comedy and Taryn was choosing the drama, Denice had the action and Dave the horror. We were to watch then in the following order; Central Intelligence, Changeling, Batman vs Superman (dawn of justice) and The Conjuring 2.

What else is needed?


Great comfort food is an important factor of a great movie evening and the obvious traditional movie snack, a lot of popcorn. We had also engaged in short conversations about the actors in the films and which ones we had found especially attractive right before every film was about to start causing us to pause the film for a good 10 minutes to express our desires.