How to avoid a gambling problem

It all started out innocently enough with an introductory bonus offer a free spins. The game was colourful and fun – and more importantly offered a real sense of escapism from day-to-day life.

When the free spins ran out I wanted to keep the little buzz of playing. It was a nice pick-me-up during the course of a day, and I thought a harmless way of distracting myself from stress.

Before long I was sneaking in little sessions on my phone during breaks whenever I felt a bit low at work. The spins were cheap but played with such frequency they started to add up.

It lead to me having to borrow bits here and there from friends. I was so embarrassed to admit what was causing the shortfall, but eventually things came to a head when I started getting irritable with loved ones and struggling with frequent mood swings.

Gambling doesn’t have to end up like this, but it can be an easy problem to slip in to if you aren’t prepared. Casino Searcher offer a great article of signs to watch out for.

One of the easiest ways to keep safe is to set limits right at the start, before things can get out of hand. Giving yourself a budget is a really simple way of putting a limit on your outgoings.

It will help with keeping your finances in check every month, as well as taking away the stress caused by worrying about spending.

It’s also worth investing some time in looking for hints and tips around the game you want to play, so you can use your budget effectively rather than waste money on mistakes.

If you start to feel out of character or are struggling with your mood, make sure to talk to someone sooner rather than later – it’s completely possible to get back in control of a gambling habit gone awry, and will give you your life back.